Automated Air and Surface Sanitizing

Sanctuary Elevators UVCTM uses UVC light technology in a custom, programmable system that cleans up to a Log-3 reduction of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus from surfaces and the air in cab interiors.

Options include:

  • Choose manual control or a fully automated programmable system that monitors usage and takes the unit out of service for cleanings. Once sanitized, the elevator automatically resumes service.
  • Build a custom system using some or all three UVC components for maximum disinfection.

Protect riders and the building from potentially life-threatening infectious disease and enjoy peace of mind with Sanctuary Elevators UVCTM from Cabworks.
*Sanctuary Elevators UVCTM can provide Log 3 reductions in harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus — a top rating for commercial use.

ElavoLightTM Powered by ESP-DLuxTM

Modular ceiling unit that includes a camera, noise and motion detectors for monitoring interior of the cab, including a fully programmable computer. The system can be programmed for any scenario which could include number of riders or time since last cleaning cycle. The ElavoLightTM Powered by ESP-DLuxTM cleans downward and outward for maximum surfaces exposure during sanitizing cycles.


This down draft UVC and MERV-filtered ventilation and exhaust system disinfects the air as it enters the cab above the ceiling scrubs the air of odors and germs as it flows down and out of the cab at the power filtered and exhausted base system.

Launching Late 2020

Sanctuary Elevators UVCTM will be available Q4 2020, and we are accepting pre-orders now. To order or for more information, use the form to contact us.

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